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Shadownoia: Fear and Loathing in the Sixth World

What is this?

A 4th edition Shadowrun campaign borrowing heavily from the influence of the “Paranoia” RPG and other dystopian fantasies. Expect dark humor, bad puns, and some definitely out-of-canon Shadowrun experiences.

Stay Alert.
Trust No One.
Keep Your Razorclaws Handy.

How do I join?

  1. Create (or revise) a beginning character with the standard 400-point build system described in 4th edition Shadowrun. Character guidelines are provided below.
  2. Send the character writeup (text, word, excel, pdf, whatever; if I can’t read it I’ll squawk) to me at grisingerm at gmail.com.
  3. All characters must be pre-screened; if you *must* show up on game day with a character I haven’t seen, the group will have to wait a bit while we discuss, or you may have to wait for a break in the action.
  4. Sign up on Warhorn; game one is scheduled for April 16, 2011, at 5pm at Evo.

What’s the starting locale/milieu?

The year is 2072, following Crash 2.0. However, unlike the world you think you’ve remembered, most major governments have passed laws outlawing or strongly restricting artificial intelligences (AI) as a result of the chaos caused by the rogue AI “Deus.”

Generally, the sixth world seems to be entering a period of relative calm. Although, as new denizens of the shadows, small jobs and bit work are available to you, conflict between the megacorps is definitely on the decline, and with it available work for the big names and legendary figures in the ‘running world.

You’ve come to find yourself ready to break into the big time in Detroit, home of the mighty Ares Macrotechnology. Detroit is better-off than its worst days, but among its shining centers of military-industrial might still lurk large and dangerous pockets of blight, sprawl, and outfight decay.

The UCAS is currently on an economic growth cycle. Things are looking up, the Lions almost broke even last year, and traffic congestion is down after a Ares-sponsored project now causes lights to turn based on your expected route! Life is good. That can’t last…

Character creation guidelines:

  • It’s strongly recommended that you start by thinking up your character’s background, motivations and mode of thinking first, and then developing the character to match.
  • Characters who are heavily optimized – a danger of an open build system like Shadowrun’s – will be revised. Please build a person, not a min/max solution.
  • It is anticipated that the runner team will encounter many varied situations in a global context. Plan accordingly.
  • Within those vague guidelines, feel free.

Be seeing you, Michael

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