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Classic Battletech RPG

It is the 31st century. Across the vastness of interstellar space, awesome powers vie for supremacy. Amidst this swirl of unending conflict stride BattleMechs, huge robotic weapons of war piloted by elite MechWarriors. Join the action, taking on any one of an endless variety of roles, from spy to smuggler, mercenary to MechWarrior. As a character from the Inner Sphere, the Clans or the Periphery, you will decide the ultimate fate of the galaxy.

Enter the exciting BattleTech universe, stepping outside of your BattleMech and embracing the richness of a vast, detailed science fiction setting. Classic BattleTech RPG contains all the rules and source material players and gamemasters need, including a unique character creation system that generates game abilities and background story at the same time. Time to let your imaginations soar!

Charles Wilson will be running Classic BattleTech at our August 2006 gameday

Sleeper Charles Wilson
Max # of Players: 5 (but I could do 6 if there's enough demand)
GameMaster: Charles "IronSphinx" Wilson, FanPro Commando #66

You are a sleeper agent. Your mission: maintain cover and report any suspicious activity to the High Command. Life had been a boring routine of eat, sleep and work while you maintained your cover and observed traffic at the government buildings, military garrison, and planetary spaceport.

That all changed with the phone call. All the electronically reproduced voice said was "Red Fox. Yellow bird. Tango-Seven. Go." Before the shock set in, after years of inactivity, you scrambled to action. The training kicked in and your brain fired a series of rote commands drilled into you mercilessly by your drill sergant: get to your cache, secure the contents, check the transmitter, and retrieve your instructions.

In the opening shots of the Word of Blake's Jihad, thousands of sleeper agents all across the Inner Sphere were activated. Something big was happening and accurate intelligence was at a premium. It's time to join the fight.

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