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Pm Wiki is a Wiki Wiki Web clone developed by Patrick Michaud in the PHP scripting language. Pm Wiki has been primarily designed as a tool to support easy, collaborative authoring and maintenance of web sites. Pm Wiki is distributed under the General Public License (GPL).

Pages created in Pm Wiki are editable using nothing more than a standard web browser and a simple markup language. Yet through this simple interface one can easily create dynamic web sites, groupware systems, document management systems, and knowledge bases.

Features of Pm Wiki include (among other things):

  • Easy installation, maintenance, and upgrades
  • Pages can be edited by any standard web browser – just click the "Edit Page" link on any page (try it in the Wiki Sandbox)
  • Simple and powerful Text Formatting Rules
  • Easy to set up
  • Automatic linking between pages, including Wiki Word links and free links
  • Password-protect pages to restrict viewing or editing
  • Ability to organize pages into WikiGroups, with headers and access controls shared among the pages in the group
  • Tracking of page revisions, with ability to easily recall and restore previous versions of a page
  • Wiki Trails to easily create sequences of links throughout pages
  • File uploads and attachments
  • Markup includes standard (classic) wiki markup, floating images, tables, large sections of preformatted text, colored text and Wiki Styles
  • Site administrators can easily add customized markup sequences
  • Most Local Customizations are held in a separate configuration file
  • Inter Map capabilities to provide shortcuts to other Wiki Wiki Web systems and web sites
  • Electronic mail notification of changes to pages
  • Modular design allows features to be easily added for custom applications

PmWiki:PmWikiUsers lists some sites currently using Pm Wiki software. If your site is using Pm Wiki, please add it to the list!

This site is running pmwiki-0.5.22. The software is freely available under the GNU Public License and may be downloaded from http://www.pmichaud.com/pub/pmwiki. Documentation is available via the Documentation Index.

Join the pmwiki-users mailing list for discussions, announcements, and help with Pm Wiki.

Pm Wiki is a registered trademark of Patrick R. Michaud.

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