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One of the purposes of WikiGroups is to allow a Wiki Administrator to customize the features of Pm Wiki on a per-group basis. Here is where Per Group Customizations come into play.

The local/ subdirectory (in the same directory that holds pmwiki.php) is used to hold local configuration files. To perform Local Customizations for a particular Wiki Group, place the customizations in a file called "Group.php" (where Group is the actual name of the page group in question) in the local/ subdirectory. This file will be automatically processed after processing any Local Customizations in the local.php file.

For example, to change the image displayed in the upper-left corner of pages in the "Chess" Wiki Group, one could create local/Chess.php containing

      $WikiImg = "/myimages/chess.gif";
This would cause all pages in the Chess Wiki Group to use "/myimages/chess.gif" as the logo image instead of the default.

Any customization that would be placed in local.php can be used as a PerGroupCustomization.

Pm Wiki also allows per-page customizations, simply use the full name of the page to be customized instead of the group. For example, one can use the file local/Chess.HomePage.php to set local customizations for Chess.HomePage.

For all Local Customizations, Pm Wiki first processes the local.php file, and then looks for a per-page customization file in the local/ subdirectory to process. If there is no per-page customization file then Pm Wiki looks for a per-group customization, and if that doesn't exist it looks for a per-group customization file for the group given in Main (usually "Main").

WikiGroups can also be used to host multiple sites in a single Pm Wiki installation, see Multi Host Wiki.

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