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A free link is a page name reference that doesn't follow the Wiki Word convention.

Often, there is no natural Wiki Word for naming a page. That's when {{free links}} (a page called free links) are useful. The {{text}} markup creates a link to a page called Text. The {{longer form}} markup creates a link to a page called LongerForm and displays as longer form.

Other examples include:

  • hyphenated words, like {{post-modern music}}
  • plurals, like {{wiki group}}s which produces wiki groups
  • plurals of {{WikiWord}}s which produces WikiWords
  • ending truncation, such as {{install|ation}} which displays as install
  • alternate endings with the | markup, as in {{install|ation}}ed which produces a link to a page called Installation and renders on screen as installed
  • pages in other groups, like Main/{{home page}} which produces home page.

A free link must start and end with a letter (upper or lower case) or a number. A word can contain any combination of letters and hyphens, but not two adjacent hyphens. Words can be separated by one or more spaces, each word is then capitalized and the spaces are removed (or converted to underscores depending on site configuration).

The name of the page is always in Title Case. This means some pages may have multiple names. For example FreeLinks and {{free links}} are both references to Free Links.

Free links can be used in combination with [[{{free links}} alternate text]]. This produces alternate text. The administrator can configure non-existent free links to display as (alternate text)? for greater clarity.

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