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MSU Shadows - Season 3, Episode 1: World Enough and Time

The first episode of MSU Shadows - Season 3. It premiered at the CARP Annual Picnic 7/14/2007


Desperately wanting his "mom" back, Fitzhugh managed (throughout season 2) to gather the components for a spell to bring her back to him. All that was needed was to speak the ritual... and he knew just the humans to do it for him.


Fitzhugh arranged for the Heroes to cast the spell for him, but it went ever so slightly wrong, ripping open a portal into a Shadow version of our world, one where the Heroes had failed to prevent the weather apocalypse. Or rather, it went exactly right, because Fitz had come from that shadow world, and by opening the portal, he made it possible for his Ellen to reclaim him. His appearance in our world was the result of the "other" group attempting to travel back in time to correct their error and save the world after all.



Noteworthy Quotes

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