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MSU Shadows - Season 3, Episode 1: Welcome to the Shadows

"Welcome to the Shadows" is the first episode of MSU Shadows - Season 3. It premiered at the CARP Annual Picnic - July, 2007.


The future collides with the past as a mysterious portal appears from five years ahead. The clock is now ticking as the Shadows crew work to prevent a calamity that will destroy the future, and make a choice as to who goes forward...and who stays behind.


  • The group at Tao Chi House are celebrating with a backyard barbecue. Among the group is a new guy, Brian Marcuson, looking to do an interview w/ Rocky regarding his outreach group. The interview was kept brief by Minka and Rocky.
  • Meanwhile, Fitzu begins to start an incantation involving Brendan and Minka. One by one, they dropped items into the backyard firepit. When a shard of the Community stone was dropped, a portal appeared in the backyard.
  • Out of the portal, came vampires and beasts. The crew began to combat them, and faired moderately well. As Brendan was about to be attacked by a vampire, he was dusted by a woman in all black...Ellen. Soon, other versions of some of the Shadows crew, including Tommy, Justice, James, and Paul.
  • After combat completed, Ellen and the alternate versions indicated that they came from five years in the future, where OSIRIS had completed their 'Rainmaker' project (which was thwarted in the Season 2 finale). The group also indicated that something happens within the next year that will still cause their future to happen, and that some of them will be needed to help in the future.
  • The episode ends with the group having to make a difficult decision: To determine which group members will stay here, and which ones will head into the future.


  • According to the series Directors, Jae Walker & Joe Kavanaugh, this season is going to be run a bit differently. There will be two separate groups run during the next campaign to allow easier management per session. In addition, a number of characters make their return this season, including Ellen (Season 1) and James (Season 2), as well as other individuals may make occasional appearances during the season.


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