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If you are a player looking for a regular game to play in, just enter your request below. Click on Edit Page below and tell prospective GMs about your gaming preferences and how to contact you.

May 7, 2010

Long-time D&D player looking for a weekly home game or Living campaign with D&D 4.0 in the Greater Lansing Area. Have others that could possibly fill seats, but I'm specifically looking for a dedicated weekly game (within reason, as I understand and accept that we all have lives) with a general focus on roleplay and intrigue over the typical hack-and-slash (though there should definitely be plenty of hack-and-slash). I can be available most nights, and time-in-advance will make just about any day even more feasible. Could also be talked into some White Wolf/World of Darkness games. I have a smaller living space we could play in, but I'm also willing to travel or help rent rooms at Evolution Games. Drop me an email if interesting in playing/DMing: punx6901 AT gmail DOT com

Feb. 28, 2010

MSU Student sick of DMing for an unthankful group. Desperately want to be a PC again. 3.5 or 2.0 D&D only, former preferably, and will play any campaign setting. Limited Traveling ability but willing to invest in the buses if necessary, currently living on Campus at Phillips Hall. Have mercy and send me an email: InfernoInfernal AT hotmail DOT com

Feb. 09, 2010

Two looking for a DnD 4.0 campaign. We are looking in the Greater Lansing Area, but don't mind a short drive. Letsrp420 AT gmail DOT com

Dec. 27, 2009

Group of three Lansing locals getting desperate after the disintegration of their old group and the waffling of their current one. Experience ranges between 7 and 10 yrs. playing tabletop. We're interested in 3.5 D&D and any nWoD that isn't Mage. Drop us a line and we'll love you forever. Unless you suck. eirecat AT gmail DOT com

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