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CARP Picnic Info and Directions

The annual CARP Gameday and Picnic is at Lake Lansing Park North at the Oak Knoll Shelter. We'll show up around 10 am, and the food is generally ready around noon.

Lake Lansing Park North is located at 6260 East Lake Drive in Haslett directly across from the Lake Lansing Boat Launch. When you enter the park, bear to the right and park in the first parking area on the right. There's a sidewalk that leads to the Oak Knoll shelter. Look for my silver minivan (license plate COUNTES) as a landmark, as I plan to be there relatively early.

This event is free to CARP members (including food!). We're planning to provide hamburgers, hotdogs and some kind of non-meat, as well as some pop, charcoal/lighter, disposable plates, cups, paper towels and cutlery. People are volunteering to bring various dishes to pass, so please let us know if you'd like to bring something - and what! Grill space is available if you want to bring your own grillables.

Non-members are (of course) welcome, but we'll be shaking you down for $5 for game and goodies. Kids eat free. Please consider bringing YOUR favorite dish to pass as well.

If you're bringing a dish to pass, please let us know as soon as you can, so we can plan to fill in the gaps.

You'll want to bring bug spray (with Deet) and some kind of paperweight to hold down your character sheets. Maybe even sheet protectors, as there's no predicting weather in Michigan. We have a shelter, but that's a roof only; no walls.

Also, be advised that it's very easy to miss the entrance to the park; it's just north of the boat launch (which is on the other - lake - side of Lake Rd). I missed it the first time and drove all the way around the lake.

You can register at: Warhorn

We generally play board and card games.

Even if you don't want to play, don't let that discourage you from coming to the picnic. If there's something you'd like to run, let the members' list know that you're bringing it along and maybe others will be interested. Bring along board or card games, or just come out to eat and hang out. CARP's Annual Picnic is as much a social occasion as anything.

See you there!

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