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Recent and Planned Events

Currently, we have the storyline for the campaign roughly mapped out through the end of 2003. This is only an outline: what the heroes do and don't do in the actual games can and will affect the future of the campaign, as it did in 2002.

The current year in the campaign is 342 North Reckoning (or 1374 Dale Reckoning), the Year of Lightning Storms. Months in our world correspond mostly to months in the game world – that is, an event taking place in March will probably take place in the month of Ches (the third month of the year in the Forgotten Realms).

Here is the (tentative) list of events for the year 342 NR (if you missed some of the earlier games and have enough players to fill out a table, this can probably be arranged – contact the campaign staff about it).

The Masks & Mirrors cycle (February and April gamedays):

  1. Through a Mirror, Darkly
  2. Witching Hours
  3. All Honorable Men
  4. The Silence of the Laws

The Shadow Tide cycle:

  1. A Rocking Cradle
  2. Some Revelation
  3. Pitiless as the Sea
  4. Ceremony of Innocence

The Instruments of Darkness cycle:

  1. Of Ladies Dead and Lovely Knights (Jan 2004)
  2. Window to the Abyss (Jan 2004)
  3. Any Man's Death (Mar 2004)
  4. The Rest is Silence (Mar 2004)

Older Events

For purposes of reference, here is a list of the events that ran last year.


  • Enter a Villain

Balance of Power Trilogy:

  • The Quality of Mercy
  • Temporal Power
  • The Dread and Fear of Kings


  • The Darkest Night

Spellbound Trilogy:

  • Strings of Silver
  • Curse of a Unicorn
  • Tears of a Maiden


  • Moondance

Winds of Fate Trilogy:

  • Gambit Arcane
  • The Game of Queens
  • To Knight a Pawn


  • Stern Alarums

Broken Heart Trilogy:

  • No Greater Love
  • Fallen Leaves
  • Winter's Kiss

Season Finale:

  • Twilight Arcane (2 rounds)

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