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The Holy Sarinian Empire (Pathfinder)

By Jerry Thiel

The year is the 983rd since the founding of the holy city of Sarin, and plague has struck the eastern parts of the County of Thuringia. You've been summoned to the village of Beringtkiefer by order of General Osied Fallhammer, who the Koenig has assigned the task of determining what caused the plague and how to end it. Are you simply more fodder for the battles of the 2nd Orc War being waged by the Empire's military and allies, to the east? Or does the General have something else in mind for you?

This campaign is set in an original setting created by a GM with many years of roleplaying experience, using the Pathfinder RPG rules. Pre-generated characters are provided to get the campaign started quickly, with opportunities for 'tweaking' or, later, rebuilds as the campaign advances and everyone becomes more familiar with both the setting and rules.


Pre-generated Characters (pdf files)

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