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Living Arcanis

As of February 2007, RPGA no longer supports Living Arcanis.
The original Living Arcanis campaign has ended, and we are awaiting word that modules from the new campaign are available. (3/8/2011)

Arcanis is a world of high fantasy, intrigue, and suspense. Diplomacy, skill, and discretion will carry you as far or farther than skill at arms or in the arts of magic. Heroes come in a myriad of forms. Some are fantastic beings born with the blood of Valinor or the souls of elementals. Others are the descendents of Celestial Giants who once roamed the stars as freely as a fish swims the sea. Many of the greatest heroes of Arcanis are simple mortals of mundane blood but lofty ideals. It is a world of heroes who stand between the common folk and destruction. You can be that hero. The power is in your hands; leave your mark upon the Shattered Empires! (from the Paradigm Concepts page)

Living Arcanis is the "thinking gamers" campaign. A campaign where things are very much in the gray, intrigue is more common than oxygen, the world is always on the brink of world-shattering events and heroes are truly heroes. Pure brawn might get you somewhere, but not far enough – the big dimwitted fighter will have a hard time at anything more than mercenary work, but then again, for whom? What will his choice of employer be and how will that affect his future? His connections? It is a land of magic where payment is readily available but the cost of living is as ever-changing as the currents of air in the sky. (Quoted from GameWyrd)

Living Arcanis is a campaign run by Paradigm Concepts (publisher of the Arcanis products) with the help of dedicated volunteers. It is a D&D 3.5 roleplaying campaign that allows psionics and focuses as much on politics and intrigue as on combat. You play the same character (or characters - many people have more than one) through a variety of scenarios provided by the campaign, at conventions, game days and home.

  • Living Arcanis Home Page is the new official resource page for the campaign.
  • Onara Online is the primary resource for all things related to Living Arcanis, including character creation and even quick-play characters.
  • Paradigm Concepts is the publisher and host to the campaign.
  • LA Talk is the very active Yahoo mailing list for the campaign.

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