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The Cast of MSU Shadows

For Season 2, we had a total of 19 players interact in the world of MSU Shadows.

Returning from Season 1:

Character Played by
Rocky Clearwater Phil Morey
Brendan Flynn Pat Grant

Introduced 2nd season:

Character Played by
Karen Blackwolf Lisa Gamero
Minka Bogdonovich Sandy Nelson
Annabelle Carter ?
J.D. ?
Vince Eldrich Anne Hemstock
Joshua Lefield John Mongar
Brian Marcuson J.R. Buison
Jacob McCambell Forest Ray
Tommy McIntyre Jody Cummings
Paul McLarey Alesia Tom
Justice Rasputin Cait Davis
James Roberts J.R. Buison
Becky Shaw Amanda Flowers
Nick Shaw Craig Norman
"Jimbo" Stevens Ryan Lange
Dominic Talbot Andrew Romanczuk
Calvin Tarl David Meiers

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