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Fortress Comics and Games

Fortress Comics & Games (Phone: (517) 333-0435) is at 425 Albert Ave. in East Lansing MI, just north of the large parking structure we locals call "The Habitrail" for its uncanny resemblance to a hamster dwelling. Parking is available (for cost) in the ramp, or two blocks south on MSU Campus (for free).

There's plenty of food available in downtown East Lansing.

To get to downtown East Lansing from out of town, your best bet is to get onto US 127 and find the Saginaw exit. Turn East onto the one-way, multi-lane street and take the right-hand fork when it splits. Follow Grand River into East Lansing - you'll want to turn left onto Abbot Road, and then right on Albert, if you're going to park in the ramp. If you want to park on campus and walk across, I suggest you get a native guide the first time - MSU campus is filled with traffic circles and one-way streets that take some getting used to.


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