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Living Death Catch-Up

CARP will run a special event to catch up on expiring Living Death events on:

  • Saturday, January 1, 2005, and Sunday January 2, 2005 at the Pinecrest Condominiums Clubhouse in East Lansing, MI. See the location page for directions. The schedule is available on the registration page.

Scenario Descriptions

These are the scenarios for the Living Death Catch-up gameday.

Cycle of the Hunter by Rucht Lilavivat

The White Rose has sent you to investigate a series of killings that have a decidedly "wolfish" nature in the seaport town of Bristol, England. This adventure is Part Two of the Amulet Series, and occurs in March of 1896.

Set in Stone by John Richardson, Sean Flaherty

April 1896. The White Rose has sent you to Athens, Greece to investigate some strange happenings. Are they related to the Followers of Set or to these new athletic competitions? Only a careful investigation will determine the truth. For heroes of all levels, although a group of all first level heroes will have difficulty

Requiem by Timothy Chandler

It's July 1896. Odd things are happening in the city of lights, Paris. Could there be dangers greater than a lovely midnight walk along the Seine? An adventure for heroes levels 1-13.

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