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About CARP

The Capital Area Role-Players (C.A.R.P.) are a group of roleplaying enthusiasts who have banded together to: Promote roleplaying in the Capital area; Provide a means for roleplayers and GMs to meet one another; Provide a central place to play.

We are located in the heart of Michigan, serving the Lansing/ East Lansing area, and just about everything within a 2 hour drive in most directions. If you have questions about CARP, you can email us at carp [at] carp-mi [dot] net. You can send us US Mail at PO Box 24131, Lansing, MI 48909-4131.

Check out the Gamedays area for our regular gamedays (register here), or the Gaming Exchange for roleplaying groups and clubs in the area.

CARP on the Internet

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Event Calendar

Google Calendar for RPG Conventions here!

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