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Sunday, May 23rd Blue Dragon Games

Blue Dragon Games will be holding a RPGA Living Greyhawk Game Day, Sunday May 23rd at the Blue Dragon Game Store. Blue Dragon Games is located at 45581 Mound Rd (one block north of M-59 on left side at the north end of the shopping center), Shelby Twp, MI 48317. (phone 586.323.6700)

No Entrance Fee; Tickets cost $3 per scenario round. Seating is limited. To reserve a seat contact pandemoniumgames@comcast.net

RPGA Schedule – Sunday 5/23
11am – 3pm (slot 1)
COR3-13 The Traitor's Road
Cor4-03 Tropical Intrigue
4pm – 8pm (slot 2)
COR4-01 Shedding Scales
Cor4-03 Tropical Intrigue

Living Greyhawk Core Scenarios COR3-13 The Traitor's Road (APL 2-10) A lady in distress—a diplomat, not a damsel. In the machinations of the great, the good and the not-so good, appearances are not all that deceive.

COR4-01 Shedding Scales (APL 2-12) A knightly order dedicated to stopping a nameless evil, a mysterious sect of an ancient Suel goddess, and a diviner charged with undoing a diabolical ritual: these diverse forces struggle to end a threat in the cradle of the former Occluded Empire of the Whispered One. Is the danger confined to a backwater barony on the edge of the Rushmoors, or is something more at stake?

COR4-03 Tropical Intrigue (APL 2-12) In the taverns of the Free City stories have passed down over the years of a shipwrecked adventuring party that explored the Amedio Hook eighteen years ago. However, now the area is controlled by the Scarlet Sign. Your patron wants to know more. She asks for volunteers for a journey across the Azure Sea.

Judges Wanted!!! If you are interested in judging RPGA sanctioned events or learning more about our judges reward program at Blue Dragon Games, contact: pandemoniumgames@comcast.net for more details.

Not on our Blue Dragon Games RPGA announcement list, then go to the following link to join: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group.bluedragongames/join

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