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Apr 30 - May 2 Pandemonium Mayhem Pandemonium Game Center, 1858 Middlebelt Rd. (2 blocks south of Ford Rd.) Garden City, MI, 48135. (Phone: 734-427-2451)

No Entrance Fee; Onsite Tickets cost $6 per scenario round; No Refunds, ticket may be exchanged prior to event. Pre-Register Tickets cost $5 per scenario round, contact [1] for the pre-register PDF or download it from the PandemoniumGames Yahoo group.

RPGA Schedule (subject to change)
Friday 4/30
2:00pm – 6:00pm (slot 1)
LG FUR4-02 Death of a Knight
LG Cor 3-14 Hunt for the Rogue
LG Iuz 4-01 Dorakaa
D&D Bodystealers

7pm – 11pm (slot 2)
LG Cor 3-17 When Orcs Attack
LG Fur 4-03 Bells in Gold
LA-SP-3-09 Sword of a Different Mettle
CoC Plague Jar

Saturday 5/1
9am – 1pm (slot 3)
LG Cor 3-17 When Orcs Attack
LG C0R3-19 Folly
LG FUR4-02 Death of a Knight
LAN-SP-1-01 Heart's Blood, Fire's Vengeance

2pm – 6pm (slot 4)
LG Cor3-18 Through Nature to Eternity
LG Fur4-03 Bells in Gold
LAN-HP-1-02 On the Red March
D&D The Will of Heaven

7pm – 11pm (slot 5)
LG Cor 3-14 Hunt for the Rogue
LG Iuz 4-02 Madness Falls
LA-SP-3-09 Sword of a Different Mettle
CoC Artic Dreams

Sunday 5/2
10am – 2pm (slot 6)
LG Cor 3-17 When Orcs Attack
LG Fur4-03 Bells in Gold
LG Iuz 4-01 Dorakaa
D&D The Will of Heaven
LAN-HP-1-02 On the Red March

3pm – 7pm (slot 7)
LG Cor3-19 Folly
LG Fur4-02 Death of a Knight
LG Iuz 4-02 Madness Falls
LAN-SP-1-01 Heart's Blood, Fire's Vengeance
D&D Bodystealers

Living Greyhawk
Core Scenarios
COR3-14 Hunt for the Rogue
Once every 289 years, the Great Modron March passes through the multiverse. It last touched Greyhawk in the Blemu Hills, in the Northern Kingdom of Aerdy. Usually, some modrons die. Usually, a few get left behind. Sometimes, the modrons come back for them. This time, they're coming in force, with the fate of an entire village at stake…. An adventure for APLs 4-10.

COR3-17 When Orcs Attack
Welcome to the city of Eastfair, capital of the North Kingdom. Within its great granite walls, the people are safe from all that might harm them from amongst the countryside. But what of the threats from within? There are children in trouble and the forces of good are greatly in the minority. You are needed to go into the countryside and rescue an orphanage. Sounds simple, right? It would have been. But, with one too many drinks and a fistfight with a human officer, one of the local orc regiments has gone on yet another drunken rampage. Now the population gets another first hand view of… when orcs attack. An adventure for APL 2-6. Part One of the "Running with the Baatezu" series.

COR3-18 Through Nature to Eternity
Recent discoveries in the Grand Duchy of Geoff point to a plot whose endpoint is so hideous, the entire world of Oerth would be at stake. The Old Faith of Gyruff desperately requires your intervention. An adventure for APLs 10 to 16.

COR3-19 Folly
The mad priest Entropimus recently made a pilgrimage to the far northern wastes. He hasn't yet returned. His former adventuring companion Lebarat is now concerned he is up to no good. Lebarat invites you to help him investigate what has waylaid Entropimus in Folly, a town rumored to have been built by Entropimus' deity—Zagyg. Recommended especially for adventuring parties who have played together before. A one-round Living Greyhawk core adventure for APL 4-12.

Furyondy Regional Scenarios
FUR4-02 Death of a Knight
It all starts when a bad thunderstorm traps you and your companions in a nearby inn out in the middle of nowhere. After you leave the Inn, you find out that more things are happening locally than was originally thought. Now, can you find out the cause of the problems here in this pleasant little countryside, or will you also disappear? An adventure designed for characters level 1-13 (APL 2 to 12).

FUR4-03 Bells in Gold Someone is doing Ralishaz's work in the Gold County. Can you help Lord Ogart Goldsaex discover what or who is behind his recent stream of bad luck? A Furyondy regional adventure for characters of level 1to 13 (APL 2 to 12).

Iuz's Borderstates Scenarios
IUZ4-01 Dorakaa
Brave words have brought forth a dire request from those seeking the demise of the Lord of Pain. Now is a hero's chance to do what they have many-times claimed they would ... take the fight to the doorstep of Iuz himself. It is strongly recommended that this adventure be played after all previous Machinations plot Iuz meta-regionals. This adventure will run longer than one standard convention slot. An event for very foolish or very skilled adventurers (APLs 8 through 16). Characters below 8th level play at their own peril.

IUZ4-02 Madness Falls
A search for a missing judge leads to dark dangers. An Iuz Meta-Regional adventure for brave characters at APLs 6 to 14. Part One of the Purification Cycle.

Living Arcanis
LAN-HP1-02 On the Red March
The ancient city of Ventaka sits crumbling, and a diplomat much reach the buried Port of Anshar there in order to complete a desperate mission to Coryan. The only hope is for a band of intrepid adventurers to find Master Architect Nageel Sagrivan and bring him to Ventaka. Only his skills can lead the searchers safely to their prize. Can the party find him in time? And what happens if his skills are turned against them?

LAN-SP1-01 Heart's Blood, Fire's Vengeance
An ancient relic finds its way to the characters. A fanatical cult will do anything to have it; Nierite soldiers want to destroy it; and our heroes are caught in the middle. Mystery, action, and adventure haunt the characters as they brave the streets of the Silent City, Nishanpur, City of Secrets. An adventure for characters 3rd to 11th level. Characters not within this level range may not be played in this adventure.

LA-SP3-09 A Sword of a Different Mettle
It's easy to render aid to the kind and just of the world, or the downtrodden and weak. How should we feel about helping those who may not fit any of those molds? The truest test of a man is his actions, because not all swords are forged from the same steel. An adventure for characters 1st to 11th level. Characters not with this level range may not be played in this adventure.

Call of Cthulhu d20
Plague Jar
The investigators (a team of archeologists) have been invited to the Cairo museum after proof that the lost city of Pillars, Irem in the Arabian Desert has been found. Dare you journey to the lost city? An adventure for 6th-level investigators. Characters provided.

Artic Dreams
Soviet Union 1932, forced labor teams constructing the White Sea-Baltic Canal has discover ancient ruins. An international politically suited team (the investigators) has been assembled to investigate the ruin. What will the investigators find? An adventure for 4th-6th level investigators. Characters provided.

D&D 3.5 Classic
Hired to help save a spirit from damnation, you find yourself in Manifest's tombyards on a grave robbing mission. It's creepy work, and it's for a just cause … but it still feels so wrong. A Ghostwalk adventure for 7th-level characters. Characters provided.

The Will of Heaven
During the rise of the Emperor Kai Chin, the land of Shou Lung saw a rebirth, and a turning from corruption. Now, it is the will of Heaven that the mistakes of the first dynasty be brought to light, so that the present emperor Chin and his descendents can be guided away from the evil that almost destroyed the kingdom and rendered the Chukei Plains a wasteland. An adventure for 13th level characters. Characters provided.

Judges Wanted!!! If you are interested in judging RPGA sanctioned events or learning more about our judges reward program at Pandemonium, contact: [2] for more details.

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